Sunday, April 11, 2010

66th Simultaneous Revival OKC

This has been one of the most refreshing weeks I have had in a while. The Simultaneous Revival of OKC is one of the most revered revival meetings in our country. So many great preachers have come our way. I must be honest, we were missing the true heavyweights that we are used to, but thank God for President Thurston, Dr. Sutton of Birmingham, Ala. and my best friend Pastor Ray Owens of South Bend, Ind.

I believe that God allows instances in our lives to give us the ability to learn to trust Him the more. But I do believe that He allows individuals to pass our way with a word that not only encourages betterment, but that also enhances our ability to understand why we are where we are and how God is STILL in the providential business.

Through the dynamic preaching of these individuals on last week, I have the strength to continue to press on through, to remain on course to where God is leading me. I pray continually that God would open a door and an opportunity to pastor a group of His people, however, getting to that point is trying. Hearing the testimonies of countless associates who are now pastoring in enlightening to me as I tread to that place.

I just do not understand how some pastors are so discouraging when it comes to one desiring the work of the ministry. Realizing that people will not always like you, that they will talk about you, that you will be ridiculed, etc, that is not a deterrent for me to get to where I know God is leading. MINISTRY IS COSTLY, BUT IT IS REWARDING.... is what I have to say to every nay sayer.

Thank you Pastor Ray Owens for helping me to understand the MELODY IN MY MISERY, because I understand that I am in the birthing process right now, and what is in there must come out, but, ONLY IN GOD'S TIME AND IN GOD'S WAY.

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Pastor Rev. Ray E. Owens said...


The pain you feel is just God's way of positioning you in His birth cannal to propel you out in His Time. Stay with it Doc and thanks for the kind words,,

Keep running,