Sunday, April 11, 2010

66th Simultaneous Revival OKC

This has been one of the most refreshing weeks I have had in a while. The Simultaneous Revival of OKC is one of the most revered revival meetings in our country. So many great preachers have come our way. I must be honest, we were missing the true heavyweights that we are used to, but thank God for President Thurston, Dr. Sutton of Birmingham, Ala. and my best friend Pastor Ray Owens of South Bend, Ind.

I believe that God allows instances in our lives to give us the ability to learn to trust Him the more. But I do believe that He allows individuals to pass our way with a word that not only encourages betterment, but that also enhances our ability to understand why we are where we are and how God is STILL in the providential business.

Through the dynamic preaching of these individuals on last week, I have the strength to continue to press on through, to remain on course to where God is leading me. I pray continually that God would open a door and an opportunity to pastor a group of His people, however, getting to that point is trying. Hearing the testimonies of countless associates who are now pastoring in enlightening to me as I tread to that place.

I just do not understand how some pastors are so discouraging when it comes to one desiring the work of the ministry. Realizing that people will not always like you, that they will talk about you, that you will be ridiculed, etc, that is not a deterrent for me to get to where I know God is leading. MINISTRY IS COSTLY, BUT IT IS REWARDING.... is what I have to say to every nay sayer.

Thank you Pastor Ray Owens for helping me to understand the MELODY IN MY MISERY, because I understand that I am in the birthing process right now, and what is in there must come out, but, ONLY IN GOD'S TIME AND IN GOD'S WAY.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Friday Nite Live

It has been a long, eventful and enlightening week for us. I am once again amazed at how awesome our God is. From monday night thru thursday night, the young persons in participation with us this week have learned about abstinence and also praised the Lord wholeheartedly.

As for the numbers this week, we have 75 children up to 9 years of age in the childrens workshop choir. We have in abundance of 200 youth 10 and up. I am overwhelmed at the success of such an event and I praise God for allowing me to be in position to bless the babies.

Tonight was a wonderful night as the young people presented to a crowd of about 400-450 what they had learned for the week. As I learn computers more, I will be able to post more pics and possible a video link to you-tube of some of the excitement of our events.

Be Blessed.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Monday Nite Youth Rally

What a wonderful time we had last night at (a first for Mt. Olive) the youth rally, the official opening service for our Spring Break Retreat Abstinence and Music Workshop. As I entered the church at about 6:15pm, I was immediately awed at the astounding number of young people standing in line for registration. I then entered into the sanctuary, where at least 75-100 youth were already gethered who had either pre-registered or had already registered.
As usual, I am floored by what God is doing through this undertaking. The youth were overly excited and Dr. Kevin Lee ministered to them in the word and we are prepared to take things a little higher on today as we prepare for spiritual dancing and singing.

Sunday, March 15, 2009


Oh what a wonderful time in the Lord we had at the Mt Olive Church today. It was the official kick-off for our 2009 Spring Break Retreat Abstinence and Music Workshop. The Rev. Dr. Kevin Lee of Atlanta blessed our souls on today by talking about 'moving people from my space to God space.'
His sermon was premised on Mark 2:1-5,11,12. Many of us know the text well. Jesus preaching in a crowded house and a man that was lame was taken by his friends through the roof to get to Jesus. Interestingly enough, Jesus told the man that his sins were forgiven, but then just told the man to get up and walk.
How many of us would have said to Jesus, 'hold up sir, I came for a healing, not for forgiveness?' But the man received what he needed because God always knows what we need.
I can hardly wait for tomorrow nights Youth Rally. We are anciously awaiting what God is going to do at Mt Olive this week. It is our prayer that our youth will not only be given the opportunity to exercise and enrich their God given gifts, but that some child will be encouraged to be all that God would have them to be.

Friday, March 13, 2009


Well, it's FRIDAY THE 13th, three more days to kick-off one of the greatest events in the history of OKC. Spring Break Retreat Music and Abstinence Workshop at the Greater Mt Olive Church. What a enriching and encouraging week we are expecting. If history serves us correctlly, then the increase that God has provided year by year will be received with open arms.
Here is what we have this week:

Monday - 5:30pm.....registration begins
6:45pm.....Youth Rally (with Dr. Kevin Lee, Atlanta, GA)
Youth Talent Showcase

Tuesday - 4:00pm....Dance workshop w/clinician Sis. Tamela White
6:30pm....Music Workshop
Youth Clinician - Bro. Philip Thomas
Children Clinician - Sis. Denae Edwards

Wednesday - 4:00pm.....Dance Workshop
5:00pm.....Abstinence Workshops
5:45pm.....Dinner Served (during workshops)
6:30pm.....Music Wokshops continue
For Youth Workers and adults during rehearsals - 'It Takes a Village'

Thursday - 4:00pm.....Dance Workshop
6:30pm.....Music Workshops

Friday - 6:30pm.....Friday Night Live
(Childrens Workshop Choir and Dance Workshop Presentation with gospel
poet Anthony Williams "this kid is awesome")
8:00pm.....Youth Music Workshop Rehearsal

Saturday - 6:30pm.....Youth Music Workshop Musical

I thank God for this vision of alternative to idleness for the youth of our city as well as the delegation of youth and workers from the Ft. Worth, Tx area. Last year God blessed us with participation of 288 total youth and whatever and however God decides to bless us this year, we are waiting in hopeful expectation.
The enemy has been busy trying to stop what we have been privileged to began for our youth. However, I can attest that God has the final say. Funds were not readily available for this function this year, but through the efforts of many, S.A.V.E. It, funded by Butterfield, sponsored this entire week.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Going on When You Want to Quit

Today was a great day for me. I was afforded the opportunity to preach in the preaching city of Wichita, Ks at the Bethlehem Baptist Church. As my fiance' (Tanya) and I drove 175 miles this morning to get there, and 175 miles to get home, I realized that God DOES indeed give us strength to go on in spite of how we may feel at times.

What am I talking about? If I may share some intimate thoughts, I have days, weeks, even months where I feel like what God has called me to is futile, even fruitless at times. I have those moments where I almost want to revert and go the other way. With all of the mess surrounding not just the workplace, but the place of worship, it's almost easy to leave it all alone. But, putting things in perspective and taking and introspective look at it all, the realization that God has a plan and He has the final say makes going on the goal of the day.

Our focal point is the 26th chpt of Matthew, a place called Gethsemane. The Jesus that we know is seen in a way that is not totally normal for Him. His phraseology seems to suggest that He was at breaking point; 'my soul is overwhelmed with sorrow, even to the point of death.' says Jesus to His disciples. Then Jesus says in His prayer to the Father, 'if it is possible, may this cup be taken away from me.....' This is the language of a man who is contemplating giving up. Not only contemplating, but has concluded that this is the next best alternative to the current events of his life. This being said, Jesus' actions create workable actions for us as we go thru as well.

To go on from where you are you must first ADMIT WHERE YOU ARE. Jesus says in our text 'my soul is overwhelmed with sorrow, even to the point of death....' As easy as this sounds, many folk have the hardest time simply admitting to God, who already knows, where they are at; a) spiritually...... and, b) socially.......! Understand that God is not a God that does not understand shortcomings or stumblings, He is ready, willing and able to move you from where you are to where you need to be.

Not just admittance, but then we ought to ASK GOD TO HELP. Jesus says, 'Father if you are willing, take this cup from me........' If you ask God He is able to HEAR YOUR HURT; HEAL YOUR HEART and even HIGHTEN YOUR HOPE.

Then ACCEPT GOD'S PURPOSE AND PLAN FOR YOUR LIFE. Jesus says, Father if it is NOT possible for this cup to be taken away from me, may your will be done.....' We must learn to accept the assistance of God for our most tough and trying times. Where we are going, God IS already. He knows whats best and He has already made the way. Instead of giving up, we ought to learn to give in to the WILL and the WAY of God, and we can then be a WITNESS that when you go on in spite of, God will definitely make a way out of no way.